In 2016, we joined forces with seven of the largest US banks to create Zelle, a money-transfer service designed to take on market leaders like Venmo, PayPal and Square Cash. We were embedded in every aspect of the product journey, from development to branding to a go-to-market strategy that encompassed communications and media planning, advertising creative, and social media.

From the start, we knew this wasn’t about creating a brand for the next Silicon Valley financial platform—this was an opportunity to brand the next evolution of money transfers in the United States. We concepted a disruptive brand identity around “connecting people through money like never before.” That identity has underpinned all of our marketing successes, from the brand’s first campaign, “How Money Moves” featuring Hamilton star Daveed Diggs, to our latest campaign, “Everyday Better.”

Today, our strategic communications team continues to work with Zelle to build a community of users. We’ve co-hosted events, partnered with financial literacy pop-ups, collaborated with influencers, and invested in community initiatives. And there’s a lot more to come.

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